Where Can I Buy Iaso Tea? Answers Here Plus One Free Pack

100% Organic and Natural

Make your TLC Iaso Tea order here and get One Free Pack of Iaso Tea as a Thank you!


Not sure if Iaso Tea works or not? Look below for my best friends Gary ‘s Iaso Tea ‘s before and afters and his video testimony of how much weight and inches he lost in 3 months using Iaso Tea!

Gary ‘s Before Iaso Tea:

Iaso Tea Before and After

Iaso Tea Before and After


Gary After Iaso Tea!!! 
Iaso Tea Before and After



Back in 2016 I tried Iaso Tea for the first time.

Here is my testimony with Iaso Tea:

Hi I am Cedric and I loss 5 pds in 5 days using Iaso Tea. Over the next three or 4 months using Iaso Tea even when I was not losing weight I was losing inches off my waste. To be honest my diet was not good, I was stressed, and I was also taking medications. So I had barriers to losing weight and being healthy. But I still got great results using Iaso Tea.

That is why I am still using Iaso Tea almost 3 years later! I had a lot of personal things to overcome. You evaluate what is working and what is not working in your life. The things that do not work need to go and the things that are working they can stay. Iaso weight loss and detox tea was one of the things that was easy. It had to stay!!!

I encourage others if you are losing to lose weight, maintain your weight, or just be healthier Iaso Tea is a great and easy way to do it. You just drink a good tasting tea and you slowly lose weight. For some of us it will be slow and for some of us it will be fast. But Iaso Tea is the detox that helps you to achieve your goals!

Iaso Tea with a sensible Life Style equals Results

We all know that there are no silver bullets to losing weight or being healthy. It can down right be hard work. So what I advise people to do is to work hard and be smart. Look for great ways to be smarter about your food choices and to cut your appetite. Whether it is by juicing, by supplementing, and trying new and tasty foods that you have never tried.

Also of course we need to get moving and be active. Cutting calories and burning calories leads to better health and slowly but surely lost weight.

When we add in Iaso Tea to this equation the results can be dramatic!

Iaso Tea Exercise and Weight loss

Where Can I Buy Iaso Tea? Answers Here Plus One Free Pack

People all over the country are asking Where can I buy Iaso Tea? I am glad to say that you can buy it online with me with no hassles ever. You can simply make your purchase with me here online or if you live in my area I can deliver the product to you.

All I want to do in addition is give you one free pack of Iaso Tea as a thank you for your purchase. If you purchase the Iaso Tea online I will send you the free pack in the mail when I see your order come through my online shop. If you order in person you will get your free pack of Iaso Tea right then.


Where Can I Buy Iaso Tea?


Let Me Cater to Your Consumer Needs

If you would like detailed help with losing weight, product suggestions, or other advice related to your general health and wellness including healthy eating. I will be happy to help you. However, I also understand that some people just want to purchase the Iaso Tea that they love and they already have a game plan on how they want to use the product.

I will never be pushy. I will honor your desires. You can make your purchase and get your free product and I hope to see you next month. Why?

Free Iaso Tea Packet For Your Second Purchase as Well!!!

Not only will you get a Free Iaso Tea Packet for your first purchase with me but you will also get a free Iaso Tea Packet with your second purchase with me. One Packet is good for One weeks use for one person. A value of about $10.

If you refer a family member a friend to me and they purchase over $40 of product I will give you a free packet of Iaso Tea and them a free packet of Iaso Tea as well.

Where Can I Buy Iaso Tea Locally?

If you live in the Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, Kentwood area in about a 15-20 mile radius I am willing to deliver to you your Iaso Tea purchase. You can give me a call at 6165165452 or give me and email at SuperHealthyUSA@gmail.com. I love giving my customers professional, helpful and courteous service. It will be a pleasure to meet you and server you!


New TLC Products to Compliment Iaso Tea

If you are looking to improve or preserve your general health I have some recommendations for you to compliment your purchase of Iaso weight loss tea. I will start with a popular foundational product the TLC MultiVitamin called Nurtra Burst Plus. It is a liquid Vitamin that also has fiber and other powerful phytonutrients in it!

Then you have Iaso NRG. A supplement that cuts the appetite, gives energy and helps to boost metabolism without jitters. A customer favorite!

Another great customer favorite is Iaso Nitro! Iaso Nitro is great to add to boost your workouts with energy, boost metabolism and also gives a boost to male sexual performance and readiness.

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  • Vicki

    I love the sounds of this great tea

    Here in New Zealand I haven’t heard of it but am going to do some research within the health food stores and of course online to try and purchase some Iaso tea as from how you have explained the befits looks like a great product that’s for sure

    I wish I lived in Wyoming as I would definitely get some delivered 🙂

    Thank you

    • admin

      Hello Miss Vicki! That is super to hear yes please do some research on Iaso Tea. You can also check out my post where I share the benefits of Iaso Tea including the ingredients https://superhealthyusa.com/ia… . 

      And if you would like to order Iaso Tea you can do so online with me at https://shop.totallifechanges…. . I will be happy to help you with that. I do not ship the free pack out of country though. But you could order from TLC through that link and they ship to New Zealand I am pretty sure. They are are worldwide company!

  • flowstash

    Thank you for informing me about Iaso tea. I live in south Texas and down here everybody loves drinking tea. I drink hot tea before I go to bed but I have been looking to lose a few pounds and I would love a tea that can help me do that.

    I will buy some Iaso tea through you since you are the one who informed me about it. I am book marking your website now. Do you just ship from your store or do you use Amazon too?

    • admin

      Hi Flow! I am so happy to share the massive wave of health and weight loss that is Iaso Tea!!! Yes I love tea as well. When I first heard about it I was like nooo. A tea that helps you lose weight. I could not wait to try it. When I did try it. I was very happy to see that it was true. I lost 5 pounds in 5 days!!! 

      Thank you for your business. If you purchase from my website https://shop.totallifechanges…. the company TLC will ship from their warehouse. 

      I do not sale on Amazon because the company told us not to sale on Amazon. After you make your purchase online at my site I will ship you your free one week supply of Iaso Tea to sweeten the deal for you. 

      Thanks for your consideration of this great product and my business. When you make your purchase. If you like I can help you with any weight loss goals that you have! If you like. 

  • Glenys

    Thank you for this great article on Iaso Tea. I had not heard of them before. 

    Well done on your great results for losing 5 pounds in 5 days. That really does sound like a wonderful result. And you mentioned that your diet wasn’t even really that great at the time!

    I drink a lot of standard black tea and I was wondering how Iaso tea tastes compaired with that. Is it more bitter or is it about the same. Did you have it with milk? How do you prepare the tea? Do you need to buy a Japanese bamboo whisk to prepare it properly? I look forward to hearing your answers.

    • admin

      Hmmm. Interesting and great questions Glenys. Black tea is great! Iaso Tea taste is great for being a healthy product with no sugar etc. I have no problem drinking it. I know no one who has ever had a problem with the taste. You do not have to add sugar. I could drink it all day if I had too. I look forward to drinking it. I really like it. 

      I usually add sugar to my black , green or red tea when I drink it. I love it all. But I have to add sugar. 

      Iaso Tea is prepared by brewing the tea like boiling water and and placing the tea bags in the water after it boils. Letting the Tea steep for 4-8 hours. Adding more water to the tea . 

      Really simple. 

      Wow a Japanese Bamboo whisk. I had to google that. lol. That is very interesting I think I have to buy one and try it. Thank you. 

  • Nancy

    I had never heard of Iaso Tea before reading your article.  Based on the information you provide and the photos of Gary, it looks like something that would be helpful for a number of people.  It’s also quite impressive that when ordering, customers will receive a free week’s supply not only with their first order, but with their second as well. 

    • admin

      Hi Miss Nancy! When Gary told me about his weight loss I was like WOW are you serious. I kept looking at him and I thought that he lost weight. But he did not tell me the story that he told me in the video until I asked him. Hey Gary did you lose weight ? Then he told me about it lolll. I was like WHAT? You did not tell me about that. 

      So that is when we did that video and he shared with the world how he lost so much weight and lost a couple of pants sizes using Iaso Tea. If anyone else would like to see the video it is here. The before and after pictures are above. 

      Yes Miss Nancy this detox and weight loss product is helping so many people to both lose or maintain their body weight. A simple and healthy solution that works over time! 

      An indeed I love giving incentives for my customers to do business with me. My confidence in Iaso Tea and what it will do for them is ecstatic. Only surpassed by the lives that are changed by progress being made in the fight against obesity and other health problems that Iaso Tea addresses. 

      I love what I do! 

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