The Skinny on Iaso Tea: 11 Day Review

The Skinny on Iaso Tea: 11 Day Review


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I am on fire and ready to tell the world about Iaso Tea!!!The first product that I am reviewing from Total Life Changes Health and nutrition company. I have heard much great things about the other products used in synergy with Iaso Tea and I am very excited to try them too since…. I  now have a testimony and a passion since getting immediate results in 3-5 days. Losing 5 pds in 5 days!!! 🙂 . Get a taste of Iaso Tea!!!!

I want to help people feel better, live longer, and even make money while losing weight and/or simply getting healthier . Change your life today. Make a decision to make a Total Life Change!

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Some of you are just like me. You need to try something different. You need to reboot your life. Reboot your health. You need to try harder. Work smarter and harder. Whatever the case may be. But you just need results now!!!! I know . This is not a 45 second sales pitch for me. This is my life. As a person who will battle blood sugar and cholesterol concerns for the rest of my life because of poor choices made years ago. Some of you are just like me. At war with bad health! This is my strong recommendation as your kindred. Try Iaso Tea!

Awesome Limited Time offer! Try Iaso Tea . Buy one get one 50% off. Because I feel 50% better than I used to now that I am using Iaso Tea 🙂 

Purchase a one week trial supply of Iaso Tea during this limited time offer and get another week 50% off! I am a small business owner and I don ‘t have the budget to offer this product free online. But if you are willing to show me that you are interested changing your life, getting healthier, and trusting me and thousands of others who love Iaso Tea. I am willing to meet you halfway!  I make no profit of this transaction. But I have complete faith in our products. I want you to benefit from it. I want to hear your testimony. I want you to help others get healthy and lose 5  pounds in 5 days like I did!

I ran out of Iaso Tea in about three weeks because I shared it with my wife who also lost 3 pounds her first 3 days using Iaso Tea!!!! I was hurt when I ran out. Let me tell you. Alert complete honesty. I only purchased a one month supply because that was all I could afford and that is I wanted to purchase. I did not know if the product would work. Now that I am in love with the product I am stocking up. So whenever someone wants to feel better, lose weight, and be healthier and try this awesome all natural Antioxidant detox than I am ready to press send and ship!

Before IASO Weight Loss Detox Tea 234.5
Before IASO Weight Loss Detox Tea 234.5

Do you want a product that works as advertised? If your like me you come with a little skepticism at certain claims. But if your like me also i am not looking to debunk anything. I just want the truth. So I am open minded .

Well I heard a lot of great things about Iaso Tea. I am happy to say that they all were true. The people giving reviews of Iaso Tea are telling the absolute truth I am sure. I believed the testimonies for the most part… But I was skeptical.

But now I have my own testimonies. I am a results oriented person. I am a scientific person. I am a numbers person. So I would like to think I combine all the most important ingredients in order to make the best cake 😉

Well let me share with you my results from Iaso Tea. And it has been phenomenal. A great joy to use this product and to share with you this product and yes for some. Business opportunity. For more information. Click here.

I feel 40 to 50 % better ! I have more energy. I don’t feel down. I will be honest with you. Although I do some really good things diet wise. I am working on my diet. I am going to crack that code very very soon! But it is an issue. So my energy is not like it should.

Iaso tea has helped me with my energy level greatly!

4 Days AFter Using Iaso Detox Tea
229 pds 4 Days AFter Using Iaso Detox Tea

My blood pressure is down. I am 38 years old. It hurts me that people even my age have high blood pressure issues. Well I had cholesterol issues and blood sugar issues years ago. . So that tells you something too about this generation. So yes we need to act and act now. The great thing is. I give blood every week. I have to be screened and my blood pressure is taking. I always here from the screeners, Oh your blood pressure is very good. I always love to here that. I tell them that I take anti-oxidants and try to eat well. I feel good inside when I say that as I pretend to be humble 🙂 . Ha ha! Inside I am jumping because I love Opc 3 and the good health that it brings. But I hurt for people my age who are fighting high blood pressure. Well since I have started using Iaso Tea. I have seen in 11 days my blood pressure even go lower a few points here and there!  The day that I wrote the bulk of this post was 11 days in. Get a taste of Iaso Tea!!!

My complexion is a lot clearer.. Hey Guys I am a good looking guy 😉 . But I tell you when I looked in the mirror the past few days I was like. Hey . My skin looks better. Wow.. do I look good ;). Get a taste of Iaso Tea!

I sleep better  which is a huge thing in good health. I have many challenges on that front.But I have seen a change in my sleep. It has been easier to get there and a deeper sleep.

And the ole tale of the tape. I have had a hard time keeping my pants up guys . It is awesome! I love this. I recommend anyone who wants to feel alot better, be a lot healthier, look alot better, have clearer and more healthy skin , get better sleep, and lower your blood pressure. And also for people like me with past issues with blood sugar and high cholesterol. Get those numbers down!!!




Try Iaso Tea as a start or as an aid to what you are already doing. I put my stamp of approval on it!

Let me know how you feel. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “The Skinny on Iaso Tea: 11 Day Review”

  1. Wow, this tea sounds great for no just weight loss but for your overall health. Does it have caffeine in it? My blood pressure actually increases if I have caffeine, so if it is caffeine free or if they have a caffeine free version I would love to try it.

    Also you said that is tasted great. What does it taste like?

    • Yes I love it and recommend it for lowering blood pressure! I heard that caffeine increases your blood pressure. Iaso Tea does not have caffeine in it. We cannot make any claims with this product but the ingredients in the Tea have been associated with lowering blood pressure naturally through studies. Google them! Or check out some of them researched here by me. Opc -3 is another great product to help with lower Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Cholesterol, and a host of other things.

      I have also seen my blood pressure go down personally.

      The taste.. I don ‘t remember saying that it taste great 🙂 . But I will say this. When I eat it with my dinner and I am done I don ‘t say I am glad that I finished it. Sometimes I have no opinion of it. But sometimes I want to get up and get some more lol. So for me and even my wife and son who can be particular about health drinks. They like it. With so many health benefits I would hope that taste would not deter anyone for trying such a product. As you get your diet better your taste buds will dull to the good foods and drinks that we should be drinking anyway!!! Detox!!!

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