So what ‘s up with Paleo?






So what’ s up with the Paleo? You might of heard the name thrown around a couple of time on some tv show, while surfing the net, or reading a magazine I am sure. But if your like me you have one question. What is up with Paleo? No we are not talking about your 10th grade crush Paleo Ignacio. But what is up with the Paleo diet? I know you have heard of it. This is what I am going to help you uncover.  Well not just you but also for me. Although I have some knowledge of this nutritional lifestyle choice I am not exactly well versed. This is why life is fun. Needs and curiosity lead to learning time! Let ‘s learn together! Let ‘s get down to the bottom of this. 

                    Paleo blows me away!

Let me start by saying. After about 5 minutes of reading about the Paleo lifestyle I felt more healthier. I felt at peace. This is because I have been moving in an back to Genesis mode. Or you can say trying to discover life on an elementary basis first . That way we are rooted and grounded enough to have a platform to launch out into the deep blue sea. I mean I love the new school. I love our technology our innovation and our lessons learned over the years. But we must also understand that all that is new was built off of the old. We must not throw out all of the foundations of our past. One thing God showed me as I have been on my journey to optimal health. Is that we have become to modern and our eating habits, nutrition and health has suffered because of it.

                                 STOP! Let ‘s rethink our diets

This is where the beauty of Paleo comes in. It is a return to the Healthy lifestyle of old. Only we are now equipped with scientific advancements  and knowledge to enhance the healthy lifestyles of old.  In many ways we are in an superior position to achieve high levels of health and productivity through the Paleo lifestyle. In my Christian creationist belief , The Paleo diet goes back thousands of years ( Note: Evolutionist say millions)  to regain the original way of living and eating that our ancestors had. In order to go Paleo you must go back at least 60 or 70 years for some. For others even further. The Paleo diet is named after the Paleozoic era. Evolutionist believe that this era was millions of years ago when undeveloped man…caveman to be exact roamed the Earth killing wild game and eating vegetables and fruits to survive. Full disclosure I am not an evolutionist. I believe that God created man just as we see and observe him….ourselves today. He created us to eat in a Paleo style in many ways. Was it not God in Genesis the first book of the Bible who said ,” Be fruitful and multiply. Replenish the Earth”  . So I give the credit to God for this lifestyle.

                         Paleo is for the thinking person. I think 🙂

While this is not a discussion on religion I find this distinction and agreement to be quite interesting. I also find it important in understand why the Paleo nutritional diet is important and has become so popular. The spirit and bodies of modern man long to go back to the Garden of Eden to the beginning where everything was so good, so simple, and less stressful. In Romans 8:18-30 we see how all of creation yearns for the return to the perfection that was lost in the beginning. Though we might agree on certain things. One thing  evolutionist Paleo followers and I both believe and understand  is that early man ate this diet before food was massed produced, tampered with, and dumbed down as technology and populations grew. I also believe that this diet is the natural state of man and that in order for us to have the best life we need to go back to this method of living.

                                      Non-Paleo vs. Paleo

Another reason why I felt so in awe and at home while reading about the Paleo diet is that it causes the modern person to change the way he or she thinks. Let ‘s face it the majority of people in America and many parts of the world are now living what I call Non-Paleo lifestyles. I coin it that because the default lifestyle should be a Paleolithic approach. If you will allow me the artistic and intellectual license to say so. So in order to live and eat such a lifestyle you must totally changed the way you have been raised to think and how you have learned to live. If we call it living. I am not ready to say I am going full Paleo. But I am saying that if the nutritional pendulum has been swinging Non-Paleo than we need to find a way to swing it back Paleo big time so our nation can have a health,nutritional, emotional, and spiritual revival. I believe that God created us so that all of these things are tied together. Your health,nutrition,emotions, and spirit. They are all tied and the feed off of each other. No pun intended. But America is in a health crisis. We obviously have to radically rethink how we live,eat, and harvest our foods from our environment. Paleo in my opinion is a great way of doing so.

                                                                                                                                                            Paleo: The Nuts and Bolts

Ha ha ha! Ok in this section we are only going to talk about the nuts. The nuts,meats, and oils. When it really comes down to to it this is what you are allowed to eat with the Paleo lifestyle. To me Paleo is kind of like going Amish with food. The Amish believe in keeping life simple and they shun technology as being a negative influence in their personal and community lives. The foundations of Paleo are quite similar in nature. No pun intended.

According to  Loren Cordain Phd and Paleo Expert . This is the list of foods you can eat for Paleo

  • Grass-produced meats
  • Fish/seafood
  • Fresh fruits and veggies
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Healthful oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)