Why I love the Nutribullet Rx! Benefits and Features Review

Nutribullet Rx Juicer Review

Nutribullet Rx Juicer Review

My Base Nutribullet Blast Shake contains

Kale * Oranges * Apples* Strawberries* Bananas

It is a Super Yummy expedition and a Super Healthy Expedition

Here I tackle the Nutribullet Rx Nutrient Extractor

Why do you want to buy it?

What does it do?

Why I love it?

Is it family friendly?

Why America Needs it?

Stay tuned I also share Juicing tips!


Why I love the Nutribullet Rx! Benefits and Features Review


My name is Cedric and I have been using the Nutribullet Juicer for about 7 years now on and off. I have decided to be permanently ON in using the Nutribullet Rx nutrient extractor. Why? The Centers for Disease control and prevention known as the CDC has made an amazing scary statement. Although eating fruits and vegetables help to keep away chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, some Cancers, and Heart Disease. Only 1 in 10 Americans consume enough fruits and vegetables. WHAT??? 1 in 10?

I shared this information with my wife and she like myself was shocked by this number.

Why I love the Nutribullet Rx Juicer

  • Gives Great Energy
  • Keeps the Fiber and Vitamins
  • Delicious Drink
  • I Feel Great
  • I sleep Better
  • No Empty Calories
  • Cuts my appetite
  • I drink my Vitamins and Nutrients
  • Helps to Break bad eating and Drinking habits

This Juicer Puts Bad Health Habits in a TOUGH SPOT!

Check out the post I wrote in 2014 about the original Nutribullet I purchased.

Supplementing is NOT Enough

I am all for supplementing but there is no supplement for a good diet of fruits and vegetables . These foods contain the power of life in them. Staying away from fried foods, high fat, high sugar and other foods that cause inflammation of the arteries and body. These foods cause the body to die and decay.

Fight Bad Health at the Nutrient Base

In comes the Nutribullet! In 2006, I was diagnosed with High cholesterol and High Blood Sugar Pre diabetes. The Nutribullet has helped me to cross that food bridge from bad food and food habits to great foods and great food habits. The important word to note is that the Nutribullet Juicing machines are a great help.

I encourage you to make a full court press in your eating habits across the board. We have to start somewhere and Juicing is a great place to start.

Bring out the Big Health Guns

I will tell you that this product is a powerful tool to help a person achieve maximum health and wellness. This is done by super sizing and technology boosting all the things that your parents, elders, and doctor have said through the years. Eat your fruit and vegetables. The Nutribullet Juicer and now the upgraded Nutribullet Rx gets the most out of our fruits and vegetables.

This nutrient extraction process helps to make a tasty, energy boosting, and nutritious drink that changes my day and the way I feel instantly.


What Makes the Nutribullet Rx Special?

When you are talking about Juicing we are talking about power, intensity, and intention. The Nutribullet Rx adequately and excellently accomplishes these goals.


  • The Rx brings a 1700 watt motor


  • 2.3 Horsepower Power Base

Nutrient Extraction Intention

  • The high speeds, powers, and powerful blades creates great tasting nutrient rich drinks

The technology and the power of the Nutribullet juicer is what sets it apart from many if not all the juicers out there. But I will do more investigation on this for you!

The Nutribullet Juicer is also affordable. The price point for the Nutribullet Rx the latest and most advanced model is $149

Very affordable for the technology and value that you get with this product.

Trusted: The Nutribullet brand is trusted throughout the years to bring health and wellness to homes


Don ‘t Be Afraid!!! The Juice taste GREAT!!!!


We are so backwards as a society that we have no idea that healthy can taste great. We see a green drink or a healthy drink and we say no way. But we will gladly pick up a sugar filled Mcafe or and gulp down all the sugar and calories.

I am here to tell you to not be afraid of tasting the Juice from the Nutribullet!!! The great thing the Juicer is that the juice taste great! Of course, you have to find the right formulations for you and your family. But when you find the right mixtures you will have a healthy drinking option that can truly change your life.


Being Healthy is Easier than Ever


We have to wake up to the fact that being healthy or being sick is a choice. There are so many gadgets, cooking devices and Juicers out there in which make eating healthy easy, quick and tasty. Through the power of invention, the monetary incentives, and mind blowing technology. People have created things like the George Foreman Grill, the Nuwave Oven , Nuwave Fryer and so many other awesome gadgets and kitchen devices.

We have to find what is right for us and plan our kitchen and health out. One meal at a time.


Juicing is Great for the Whole Family


My whole family loves the healthy and delicious juice we get from the Nutribullet. It took my son who is 6 a little while to come along but we make him drink it. Even though he would much rather have soda and other sugary drinks. We make him drink some Healthy Juicing juice before school to give him a good start to his day. To ensure that energy and focus will not be a problem throughout his day.

When he gets home we mix in the Healthy juice with the regularly drinks that we consume in moderation every day. But giving our children healthy options and getting them accustomed to eating healthy is very important. According to the CDC, among the people who have the worst diets in America are young men and young adults. So teaching our children the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables and how awesome the taste can be is a valuable lesson that will last for generations.

These lessons truly save and better lives!

Why does Juicing Suppress your Appetite?


Juicing with a great machine like the Nutribullet Rx suppresses your appetite because many fruits and vegetables contain fiber in it. Which, along with other super health benefits it also helps us to feel fuller. Being that the fruits and vegetables are being juiced, our bodies absorb them quickly and more fully. So we feel the effects of the fiber through juicing more quickly and fully.

Why does Juicing give you more Energy?


The old saying the proof is in the pudding. Nothing that I eat makes me feel more energy than after I drink juice from my Nutribullet Juicer. So the vitamins and minerals that you get from the juicing process is definitely there when you juice. I do not use a huge amount of fruits when I juice. So bad sugars are not the reason for the energy boost.

Juicing Helps for better Sleep


Juicing done right is an amazing way to better our lives. One of the ways that it does this is to help us get better sleep. The higher absorption and concentration of vitamins like calcium and magnesium helps us to relax and go to sleep when it is time for bed.

Kale is one of the major ingredients that I use in my juicing. I have not tried Celery yet but celery is raved as a great way to get better sleep in your juicing.



This is my introduction to the Nutribullet Rx. I will be doing more post on both Juicing and the Nutribullet Juicers in the future. Here is to your health!




Nutrazest CoQ10 Sale Save $36.63

CoQ10 Sale

Try it risk free! 90 day money back guarantee from Nutrazes!



Nutrazes CoQ10 Sale Save $36.63


Get this Nutrazes CoQ10 sale while it last. Regular price is $49.97 but you will get this product for only $10.34!!! Co enzyme Q10 is one of the underestimated vitamins and antioxidants. But it is a powerful weapon to aid in specific and general all around health. There are many CoQ10 products on the market. But this one really stands out to me.

I love the fact that it is called ” Pure ” CoQ10. What a claim. They also use the word ” Potent” . I like that!!!

CoQ10 is a rock star of good health. So if you tell me that you have a pure and potent version of it. You certainly have my attention.

Benefits of CoQ10

So you are wondering what are the benefits of CoQ10. I have never heard of this vitamin. CoQ10 has been around in the vitamin and supplement category for a very long time. I am 41 years old and it has been around for as long as I can remember.

It is known for

  • Helping dental health specifically the gums
  • Aiding to regulate blood pressure
  • Increasing energy and stamina
  • Good for heart health
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Gives nutrients to organs
  • Supports normal brain function
  • Helps immune system

This is a great product that I will be trying myself! Here is to your health



How to Make a Healthy Meal Plan you will love: 10 Powerful Reasons to Do it!

How to make a meal plan that you love!


Find healthy and great recipes at https://www.bestfoodrecipereview.com/

Healthy Living Philosophy: Learn now to create a healthy Lifestyle through a Dynamite Meal Plan catered just for you

Here I list 10 powerful reasons that you want to do so:

Many of the things I am going to hit on today like the Hypoglycemic Index


How to Make a Healthy Meal Plan you will love: 10 Powerful Reasons to Do it!

This blog post is for people who are new to dieting or dieting has not worked for you. But you need something that is going to stop bad eating habits in its track and help you to stabilize your health and change your health trajectory!!! If you are fighting Diabetes, High Blood sugar, High Cholesterol, Obesity, High blood pressure and the like this is for you!

Most mainstream dietitians, Doctors, and weight specialist will tell you that having a good diet is the most important part of being healthy, maintain a healthy weight, and the forever difficult losing weight. We may have heard this before and we may have the best intentions but having a healthy diet can be a hard task.

So I am sharing this information on How to Make A Healthy Meal Plan that you will love eating! So that we can fire the opening Salvo in the war again bad health, debilitating disease, and obesity. I believe that there is a psychology of losing weight just like anything else in life. If we can get our minds thinking the right way. Our bodies will follow!

So this blog post will be about how to make a meal plan for your weak. You can follow someone else’s meal plan. That is fine for some of us. But for some of us it is best that we make our own meal plans for the simple fact of. Who knows us better but ourselves? 🙂

Add some Healthy Shakes to your start, fill up, or finish your day! Try Herbalife Shakes and health and nutrition products.

USE MY CODE: ” Fall Special ” for 20% Off orders $40 or more


Make Your Weekly Meal Plan Healthy

This is how I got the idea of how to make a healthy meal plan you love. I went to a Subway and purchases a 6-inch Tuna Sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, and cucumbers. With Lite mayonnaise and a touch of oil. I tell you I did not come into that Subway that day expecting to purchase a Tuna sandwich. But that sandwich may have been the best sandwich’s from Subway that I had ever tasted.

I purchased it because it happened to be the Sub of the day and it was discounted. The great thing is that Tuna is very very healthy for you. That 6-inch Tuna sub might be the healthiest item that Subway carries. Definitely in the top 5. But this is the genius and power of what I am sharing with you today.

  1. You Need to Plan Ahead
  2. Put Healthy and Tasty options on your Meal Plan
  3. Your Healthy and Tasty Plan is WAY BETTER than Fast Food
  4. You will Stay on a Great Diet Plan
  5. You will make progress in you’re eating options
  6. You will create healthy and disciplined options
  7. You will journal you’re eating habits which is big
  8. You outgrow your unhealthy lifestyle and love the healthy food Lifestyle you create!
  9. This is all created by YOU. You are your own boss
  10. This will be on your budget and your Time


Make Your Weekly Meal Plan Fun!

This is a big thing especially these days where there are so many great food options out there that are not healthy. You have Chipotle, Applebee’s , that great pizza joint, that great burger joint, that great rib joint and so on and so on. We are driving past it every day. We are walking past it and oh do we hear it on the radio and television ads all the time. So we have to have a good option to counter these awesome foods that we are trying to break up with. Or at least use on a very limited bases.

Let’s face it we have competition out there and they are experts at what they do. Marketing bad food options to us and our children. So what do we do? We make our weekly meal plan fun. Look up great recipes that are fun and new to you. Use a new spice that you have never used before. Try a new food that you have never tried before every once in a while. But make sure that you have a solid backup if that food adventure backfires. Ha ha-ha!

I remember when I got out of the military and I was a single guy learning how to cook. I would mess up and create something that was inedible and let ‘s just say my second option was Wendy’s down the street. Not good! We are doing a great thing in cooking more and being serious about changing our health and weight status. Great! But let ‘s also be realistic and have a back up plan for our meal fails. 🙂

Make Eating Healthy a Family Affair

This may be one of the most important tips that I can give anyone. If we are going to be successful in life it has to be a team effort at some point. Eating is such a beautiful experience that God has given us. One that is best shared with family and friends. So when we have come to a crisis in our health. Or when we need to do something great for our health. Something like lowering our cholesterol, lowering our blood sugar, or lowering our blood pressure.

This is best done with the help of our families and friends. Try your best not do to this alone. If you are married or in a relationship get your mate ‘s input on eating healthy and eating good! Being sensible or going big on eating great! Whatever you have decided to do find some support and some help.

Have your children and your brothers and sisters join in. Because your great decision to live healthy is going to impact your whole family and circle of friends. You will start a chain reaction of good health and healthy eating awareness. By sharing your great foods and great food ideas with them you will find yourself with a family synergy that will prove powerful and effect the health through the generations.

As the Biblical Proverb says. Two are Better than One!

Make Your Meal Plan Diverse

Right along with making your meal plan fun is making your meal nutritionally diverse. So we are talking about having the organic natural foods that come from the Earth and have very little processing in them. We are talking of fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, breads, dairy, nuts, and grains.

My general rule

  • is if it is in a box I do not want to eat it.
  • If it is in a drive through window I do not want to eat it.
  • Farm Grown Foods are Best
  • Convection Cooking is Awesome
  • Limit the Fats, Grease, and Frying
  • Keep improving

This phase of making your meals nutritious, fun, and diverse is going right into my last point. Researching the food you eat. You are going to have to grow in your knowledge of what is healthy and what is not healthy while you grow in your healthy eating.

Research The Food You Eat

Ok, this blog post is just an outline of a direction to go in and a philosophy to use when you are trying to tackle the monster that is bad eating habits. This will help you get a foot in the door of good health. It is better than the alternative of fast food and bad food that we buy and cook for ourselves. The next level and the needed level is to grow in your knowledge of food. The old saying that you are what you eat is very true.

So do you know what you are eating? Do you know what the ingredients are? Do you know what good ingredients do to your body, mind, and mood? Do you know what bad ingredients do to your body, mind and mood?

If not we need to go deeper! What you don’t want to do is go on a diet and not lose weight. That can make one very frustrated and want to give up. You don’t want to work out and not lose weight if that is your goal. Research as you stabilize your health!

Stair Step Down the Hypoglycemic Ladder

So in going deeper in your knowledge and your intentional change of diet and planning of your weekly meals. One term that you have to become comfortable and knowledgeable of is the Hypoglycemic index. Without going into this too deep they Hypoglycemic index is a listing of popular foods and ingredients and how they affect the blood sugar in our bodies. As our blood sugar goes so does our health and our weight. The higher our blood sugar and the number of the food or ingredient on the hypo glycemic index than the less healthy the food is for us.

For instance take a Bagel. Surprisingly to me the Bagel is very high on the hypo glycemic index vs the possible alternative bread option a specialty grain bread. This could be significant change in your diet as you take away high glycemic foods and exchange them for lower glycemic foods. Little by little and more and more. You will shed the pounds and be healthier and healthier!!!

Think long term and start today!!!



Don ‘t Quit on your Diet because of bad food choices

Finally I want to encourage you to NOT QUIT! Don’t let bad food choices cause you to quit your diet. So you chose a diet that has you eating foods that you just hate. So you don’t eat it. Or you do and you find yourself binge eating later. Don ‘t give up on your quest for great healthy and a great healthy weight.

Keep working on your Healthy Living Philosophy! Keep getting knowledge of how to eat good and healthy. Keep implementing what you know.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them with us. We would love to talk with you.

Have Fun!



Where Can I Buy Iaso Tea? Answers Here Plus One Free Pack

100% Organic and Natural

Make your TLC Iaso Tea order here and get One Free Pack of Iaso Tea as a Thank you!


Not sure if Iaso Tea works or not? Look below for my best friends Gary ‘s Iaso Tea ‘s before and afters and his video testimony of how much weight and inches he lost in 3 months using Iaso Tea!

Gary ‘s Before Iaso Tea:

Iaso Tea Before and After

Iaso Tea Before and After


Gary After Iaso Tea!!! 
Iaso Tea Before and After



Back in 2016 I tried Iaso Tea for the first time.

Here is my testimony with Iaso Tea:

Hi I am Cedric and I loss 5 pds in 5 days using Iaso Tea. Over the next three or 4 months using Iaso Tea even when I was not losing weight I was losing inches off my waste. To be honest my diet was not good, I was stressed, and I was also taking medications. So I had barriers to losing weight and being healthy. But I still got great results using Iaso Tea.

That is why I am still using Iaso Tea almost 3 years later! I had a lot of personal things to overcome. You evaluate what is working and what is not working in your life. The things that do not work need to go and the things that are working they can stay. Iaso weight loss and detox tea was one of the things that was easy. It had to stay!!!

I encourage others if you are losing to lose weight, maintain your weight, or just be healthier Iaso Tea is a great and easy way to do it. You just drink a good tasting tea and you slowly lose weight. For some of us it will be slow and for some of us it will be fast. But Iaso Tea is the detox that helps you to achieve your goals!

Iaso Tea with a sensible Life Style equals Results

We all know that there are no silver bullets to losing weight or being healthy. It can down right be hard work. So what I advise people to do is to work hard and be smart. Look for great ways to be smarter about your food choices and to cut your appetite. Whether it is by juicing, by supplementing, and trying new and tasty foods that you have never tried.

Also of course we need to get moving and be active. Cutting calories and burning calories leads to better health and slowly but surely lost weight.

When we add in Iaso Tea to this equation the results can be dramatic!

Iaso Tea Exercise and Weight loss

Where Can I Buy Iaso Tea? Answers Here Plus One Free Pack

People all over the country are asking Where can I buy Iaso Tea? I am glad to say that you can buy it online with me with no hassles ever. You can simply make your purchase with me here online or if you live in my area I can deliver the product to you.

All I want to do in addition is give you one free pack of Iaso Tea as a thank you for your purchase. If you purchase the Iaso Tea online I will send you the free pack in the mail when I see your order come through my online shop. If you order in person you will get your free pack of Iaso Tea right then.


Where Can I Buy Iaso Tea?


Let Me Cater to Your Consumer Needs

If you would like detailed help with losing weight, product suggestions, or other advice related to your general health and wellness including healthy eating. I will be happy to help you. However, I also understand that some people just want to purchase the Iaso Tea that they love and they already have a game plan on how they want to use the product.

I will never be pushy. I will honor your desires. You can make your purchase and get your free product and I hope to see you next month. Why?

Free Iaso Tea Packet For Your Second Purchase as Well!!!

Not only will you get a Free Iaso Tea Packet for your first purchase with me but you will also get a free Iaso Tea Packet with your second purchase with me. One Packet is good for One weeks use for one person. A value of about $10.

If you refer a family member a friend to me and they purchase over $40 of product I will give you a free packet of Iaso Tea and them a free packet of Iaso Tea as well.

Where Can I Buy Iaso Tea Locally?

If you live in the Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, Kentwood area in about a 15-20 mile radius I am willing to deliver to you your Iaso Tea purchase. You can give me a call at 6165165452 or give me and email at SuperHealthyUSA@gmail.com. I love giving my customers professional, helpful and courteous service. It will be a pleasure to meet you and server you!


New TLC Products to Compliment Iaso Tea

If you are looking to improve or preserve your general health I have some recommendations for you to compliment your purchase of Iaso weight loss tea. I will start with a popular foundational product the TLC MultiVitamin called Nurtra Burst Plus. It is a liquid Vitamin that also has fiber and other powerful phytonutrients in it!

Then you have Iaso NRG. A supplement that cuts the appetite, gives energy and helps to boost metabolism without jitters. A customer favorite!

Another great customer favorite is Iaso Nitro! Iaso Nitro is great to add to boost your workouts with energy, boost metabolism and also gives a boost to male sexual performance and readiness.


Iaso Tea Special Offer: One free packet with Purchase

My Iaso Tea Special Offer




  • Slim Your Waist
  • Detox your Body
  • Lose Weight

Iaso Weight Loss Tea 

Cost: $49.99 for 5 packets 

Iaso Tea Special Offer: One free packet with Purchase

If you love the results and health benefits of Iaso Tea than I invite you to try my Iaso Tea special offer. Get one free packet of Iaso Tea about ( One week in Iaso Detox Tea ) when you purchase One order of Iaso Detox Tea online. This offer is good for Online purchases only. One week of Iaso Detox Tea is worth $11

This special offer of our weight loss tea is an awesome way for you to continue your health and wellness journey or try Iaso Weight Loss Tea for the first time!

Find out how Iaso Detox Tea works in this short video on my information page https://gotlcdiet.com/fun5dayweightloss 


My Iaso Tea Special Offer

My Iaso Tea Special Offer

Iaso Weight Loss Tea Takes Time

One great reason for me adding one more packet of Iaso Detox Tea is that this product is a product that is best taken for the long term. You may or may not get quick and great weight loss results like some of us have. I lost 5 pds in 5 days as many advertise.

My friend Gary did not lose any weight in the first 6 weeks of using the product but then lost 3 waist sizes and over 15 pds. Just by drinking the tea with no lifestyle changes. Even though, he is an avid bicycle rider he never lost that much weight before using Iaso Tea. But it took him time to allow Iaso Tea to work with his body.

I too lost weight and inches off my waist over time like thousands of other people! It works. I believe this so much I am putting my money where my mouth is. Giving away my product as an incentive for you to repurchase or try Iaso Tea for the first time.