Hiking Trails, Happy Trails: How to Relieve Stress while getting a great HIIT workout

I’m going to call this section “The Healing Powers of Nature”. I know it may sound a little cliché, but I truly believe there is nothing more invigorating then being one with nature. Soaking up the sun and accessing the warmth and Vitamin D of its rays, taking in the splendor of our earth. We are being constantly bombarded with ugly images of our earth, it’s a nice change to appreciate the beauty. Taking time out to refocus on the gift, that is life, is vital to maintaining sanity…….TRUST. We allow a considerable amount of things in to our beings, consciously and unconsciously. Nature is the sole place that I feel the most comfortable letting it all out. Periodically, I am going to share some of my favorite hiking and nature trails.

My favorite thing to do lately is exploring new trails on Saturday mornings. I’ve made it a habit to carve out time in my day to allow me to just let everything go and lose myself on an adventurous hike or walking trail. I do some of most effective and favorite workouts while I am exploring a new trail. I can knock out a one to two-hour workout easily when I switch it up by incorporating more outdoor leisures into my health routine. Rather its cycling, tennis, surfing (soo hard, but I loved it), hiking or hitting a trail.

This is one of my favorite trails, the Atlanta Beltline Northside Trail.  I love hitting this trail for a nice run followed by a kind of intense stairs circuit routine. I start my workout with a jog through the trail, taking in the scenery and breathing in the fresh air exhaling all my negative thoughts. I don’t think about much of my day or what is going on in my life when I am focused on navigating through a little adventure. I have my music playing, depending on my mood. Sometimes I jam out to my Gavin DeGraw Pandora station, other times I’m in the mood for a little Frank Sinatra or Lianne La Havas (my best friend put me on 😊). My mood is immediately elevated, and my workout becomes that much more effective. I try to keep a good pace till I get to stairs. I’ve been doing ten sets of up/downs. Exploding up the stairs with all my energy and jogging back down. There are so many various ways to incorporate HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training) and doing stairs can be very intense but effective. My legs literally started quivering when I started to reach my eighth up/down. I love it!! The next day I have that very satisfying burn in my legs, let’s me know that I achieved my purpose.

This rusty ole beauty left me at awe

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