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Blog HightLights:

  • Mochatonix helped me to lower my Blood Sugar and Cholesterol levels
  • I Lost 35 pds in about 45 days 
  • Great Energy
  • Great Mood Enhancer 
  • Great for Energy at Work 
  • Great for your relationships with family and mate 

    Make sure you read down to see how Mochatonix Weight Loss Drink helped me to lose 35 pds in 45 days!!!

My Goal with Super Healthy USA 

       Transform your thinking.

                        Transform your diet.

                                         Transform your life.

                                                              Save you money. Be Budget focused. Stay within your Budget

Invest in your health

Use Super supplements. Until you get Greater knowledge of how to get your Nutrition from foods if possible.

Until you get the discipline to live a full circle healthy lifestyle of exercise and great diet.

Invest in Super supplements that absolutely get the job done short term.

Supplement Smart:

Here I introduce Mochatonix with the thought of Smart supplementation in mind.

What is Mochatonix? A tasty drink you consume for weight management, to aid in Weight Loss. Boost Energy, boost concentration and mental clarity.


Advantra Z® (Standard 10 percent adrenergic amines, including synephrine, N-methyltyramine, hordenine, octopamine and tyramine from Citrus aurantium 30 mg) (Fruit) 300 mg

Lipolysis and Thermogenic Support Blend: Guarana (standardized, 36 percent caffeine) (Seed), Green Tea Extract (Leaf) Yerba Maté (Ilex paraguariensis)

Green Tea Extract

Yerba Mat é





Rhodiola Rosea


Ginkgo biloba

American and Korean Ginsengs

Gotu Kola

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 350 mg

Vitamin E (d-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate) 30 IU

B-Vitamins (Thiamin HCL,(B1),1.5 mg/Riboflavin(B2),1.7mg/ Niacin,4 mg/Niacinamide (Ascorbate),75 mg/ B6(Pyridoxine HCL),16 mg/Folic Acid,100mcg./B12 (Cyanocobalamin), 20 mcg./B5 (D-Calcium Pantothenate), 18 mg

Magnesium (Oxide) 43 mg

Zinc (Oxide) 3 mg

Copper (Gluconate) 400 mcg

Chromium (Amino Acid Chelate) 150 mcg

Potassium 236 mg

I will give my testimony of positive results with this product. I have been using it for 17 years now

And Ways to save on your purchase.

I am going to share with you an awesome relatively new weapon in Weight Loss.

Advantra Z
. It is Patented ingredient including in Mochatonix. So it is a serious…. ingredient.

Well tested.

I will share more information about that.

Eat Right or as best you can


Balanced Advice

Nothing misleading


Science is not Science unless you can prove it

Today I want to share with you a super product called MochaTonix. 

Mochatonix Weight Loss and Energy Drink ia Game Changer 

Why am I sharing this product with you?

 I have been using this product on and off for about 17 years now. I am still in love.

It helps me with Weight Loss and weight control. But also Energy and mental focus. In addition to stress relief. 

  Mochatonix is great at work, home, and school

This can be helpful for work and also school. Long days become a lot shorter. This product can become a great investment if you are an Uber or Lyft driver. Cab driver or whatever you do. As an Uber and Lyft driver myself I can tell you that it is a game changer! 

Whatever you do. Whether it is being a wharehouse worker, a retail assoitiate, business person a teacher or a student. Mochatonix means we can put in More hours, Make more money. and have better quality of work.

Later I will share how this product helped me as a customer service representative on the phones.

 As an added bonus with this nutrionally balanced drink you just feel better!

The Energy and Mood to be a better Parent and Family Person

As a Father it hurts me to my core when I do not have the Energy to play with my son or spend time with him. For hard working and loving parents it is great to have a pick me up early in the morning or afternoon. Whenver you need it. 

Is your spouse or loved one looking to spend some quality time and your just pooped. Well Mochatonix after work or a long day is a great product. Get that extra Energy you need to finish the day strong. 


You can purchase it in a Canister or in to go packets. 


    It taste great 
  • Drink this and you will be in a better mood
  • You know how you drink your coffee and your in a better mood. This drink does this for you. Multiply that effect maybe 40
  • It gives me Super Energy
  • I feel great 
  • It helps to stimulate fat burn 
  • Stimulates metabolism 
  • Cuts my appetite … Does the job 
  • I have great mental focus and clarity 

Things to know about Mochatonix: Read the label before you buy it!

 Here is the Big Question

So what are you going to do to lose weight, maintain your weight or get that important Energy boost you need? 

I have a friend who had gastric bypass. If that is going to help her than great. I am all for it. But we have to ask ourselves what are going to do? 

Energy: Sodas, Candy bars, Red Bulls or other dangerous Energy drinks? 

My answer to these important questions is MochaTonix along with a better diet and more excercise! 

 One great thing about Mochatonix is you can 

Drink it hot or cold 

Early in the morning , afternnoon or early evening on a cold and frosty day. You might feel like having your Mochatonix cold. That is how I prepare mine now. But I forgot something. I used to drink it hot all the time. Actaully that is how the company describes the prepariton. So this is how you do it. 

Well instead of blending your Mochatonix drink cold. You can heat the water up on the stove or microwave. Grab your thermous or cup and stir in your Mochatonix frothy drink. Hmmmm

Mochatonix Helped To Change My Life 

In 2005 I was living a very bad lifestye. I was not cooking my own food while living a sedentary lifestyle. I was working a lot an I was eating out a lot. Lots of fast food. Very little excercise. I was watching an infomercial one night when I saw the signs that you have diabetes. It had to deal with how your feet feel when you have the diease. 

It taught me about the Hydroglycemic index and the kind of foods lead to diabetes. My grandmother had diabetes and she had her legs amputed because of it. 

I ordered the product that they were selling. But I also set up an appointment with my Dr. 

I am so glad that I did. That might of saved my life. Because diabetes can be a silent killer as well. People are walking around with prediabetes or diabetes without knowing it. Until it is too late. or until you have done a lot of damage to your body. 

I took the test in July and by August I got the bad news. I had prediabetes. I was distraught.

Here I am in my late 20’s and I have prediabetes. What? My Grandmother was in her 70’s. What am I going to do?

Well my Dr. told me I had to lose weight and change my diet. 

   I had stopped using Mochatonix. 

Not any more. I needed some help to change my life. 

I was no longer a distrbutor with the company that sold the product. But I had to save my life. 

    So I went to their website and I ordered the best health and nutrion products that I knew of!!! Thank God I knew about Market Americas great product. 

I needed them. No games. Time to get busy losing weight! 

Here is what happened next 

I Lost 35 Pounds in 45 Days!!!

In the next 35 days I used Mochatonix while sitting at my customer service desk job. Instead of having a greasy Mcdonalds breakfast full of cholesterol and fat. That led to my pre diabetes and high cholesterol diagnosis. I had a Mochatonix drink in the morning in the place of my normal coffee along with some fruit and oatmeal for breakfast! 

Along with Isotonix Super Antioxidant OPC 3 , Isotonix liquid B-12 , and other awesome supplements I changed my life. I lowered my cholesterol and blood sugar numbers to a safe place. I had the Energy to get off work at 5 pm and then go running. Running at least a mile after work!!!! 

Mochatonix helped me to manage my appetite. So I could eat a salad, some fruit and other healthy foods instead of grabbing that Burger and Fries. BIG CHANGE IN MY LIFE AND HEALTH!!! 

My advice. Try Mochatonix Weight Loss and Nutriton drink. I believe it will change or enhance your life.

This product packs a Bunch of what I call Clean Energy

Not a whole bunch of sugar and calories! 

So what time should I drink it?

  WARNING!!!! This product packs a lot of Energy. I advise you to only drink this product at least 7 hours before bedtime. You are going to be feeling the Energy for a while. 

Early in the morning , in the afternoon or early evening is the best time for most people. This product can easily knockout your biggest meal. Substitue the bad food with good foods and you have covered all bases! You will not be hungry. You have made a great choice for your life. 

You will be able to sleep that night without the extra Energy keeping you up!

Ingredients that Stand out To Me: 

Whenever I hear these ingredients I get excited. As you grow in using supplements and in your picking the right foods. Grow in your knowledge of good and bad ingredients. These ingredients make me excited! 

Advantra Z 

     Not only does it provide additional Energy, it can help the body use more efficiently the Energy stored in fat 


         Let ‘s go to Brazil!!! Sounds nice right. Well Guarana derives from the seeds of a South American shrub – most of which originates in Brazil. Cuts appetite and much more 

Green Tea Extract 

    We know how great Green Tea is. A couple of things it helps to lower cholesterol levels and burning fat 


 I was introduced to Ginger by a Convenient Store owner. He let me try some raw Ginger. He said it was good for me.

I had no idea. Ginger has cholesterol lowering properties and also fights inflammation. Good for the Gastrointestinal Tract

Ginkgo Biloba

       Good for the Brain right!!! 

Vitamin C 

     You know what ‘s up. Powerful antioxidant…. Fights inflammation. Lowers cholesterol. We could go on… 


     Were talking about lowering promoting good Blood Sugar levels here. Reducing overall body fat Contributing to better lean body and muscle mass

Combine Mochatonix with Iaso Weight Loss Tea: Drink the tea and lose weight!