My Super Health Journey

My Super Health Journey

Hello my name is Cedric and this is My Super Health Journey! I am a 41-year-old Father and Army Veteran. 13 years in 2006 I was diagnosed with High Cholesterol and High blood sugar. Much too young for such a diagnosis. Since then, I have had an up and down fight with my weight and with my general health.

This year I weighed in heavier than I have ever been in my life. 282 pounds.

Keys to Weight Loss and Better Health

I was able to lose 10 pounds in about 3 or 4 weeks during the time of this video 2 weeks ago. I began going for consistent long walks almost everyday.

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Using Fiber Supplements


Relieving Daily Negative Stressers

Iaso Weight Loss Tea

Getting Better and More Sleep with Pro Z from TLC

After this workout I felt much better! I finally got back into the gym. Although because I started back to a heavier work schedule and a new business project. I fell off and started missing exercise more often. I ate more fast food and bam I am right back into a bad and destructive cycle.

I am back on the horse now for the most part. Getting back to what is important in life. If nothing else this is what My Super Health Journey is all about and what I want to encourage you to do. Get back to what is important in life. Knowing without your health you do not have anything.

Get on Top of Things that Complicate your Health Journey

Crowned with an attack on my mind. That was diagnosed as a Mental illness. In which I believe is spiritual. That I am thankful to be finding healing for. Find out more about that at My Website I Created to discuss it. Mental health is very important in the whole scheme of things because it can bring with it a lot of stress.

So you add Stress, Lack of sleep, with a bad diet, and lack of exercise and you have all you need to destroy your life. Then I married the wrong person. She added tons of stress onto my life instead of helping me to have a better life. So why do I say this. Such a bad thing to say about a woman.

I know as a man we cannot say that a woman that we married is a toxic evil person whom was a liability and not an asset. But women can say that men are toxic dogs etc. But I share the truth because when you are person on a Health Journey. You need to be honest about all the things that are contributing to you being in this situation.

For everyone it may be different. But I am going to tell the whole story. Because I know that someone is going through what I am going through. Men and women. If you are going through some things that could take you out of this world and away from your loved ones.

You need some good people around you who are going to help you to be better. Because, the road to good health is a tough one. But is very possible!

Modern Weapons of Health and Wellness are Double Edged

What I have learned is that we live in an age where Being healthy has become much easier. With so many great cooking machines, juicers, information and weight loss programs.

The explosion of supplements and scientific studies and breakthroughs.

Down to operations like the stomach staple.

Although yet and still there are many things that are aiming at us to take our health down. The explosion of Fast Food, Commercials, Processed foods, Fake food labels, Fake food and Tasty foods that are bad for you is also unreal.

So as an African American boy from a Country family raised in North Carolina. Where we loved our soda, Fried foods, pig products. With a family history of Diabetes, High Blood pressure, and High cholesterol. I am going to give it to you real.

I am going to share all I know and help you and I not to be a statistic.

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  1. Hey bro, we’re on the same boat except that I am a single man and have not been married yet. I’m from the Philippines, a developing country here in Southeast Asia. The Western culture that has encroached us here introduced a lifestyle dominated by corporate work and fast food diet. End result? Young people like me are now afflicted with being overweight, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. 

    But you know what? All these are nothing compared to our determination to get better. We can improve our health with strong determination and a winning attitude. What lies before us, what lies behind us, are nothing compared to what lies deep within us. Just strengthen your faith in God, keep moving and working on your goals, and soon you will have a happier and better life.

    • Hey Gomer thank you brother! That is very encouraging to hear. You are so right. With the right mindset. We will conquer all of the obstacles before us. Light Speed ahead bro! 

  2. I can totally relate to you Cedric,

    I come from a family line with various health problems too and almost all of my relatives suffer diabetes so it’s making me and my family not only worried but health conscious as well on what we eat. Still, no food can beat the benefits on a good long walk. Humans are made for walking and I do feel good after I did it compared to when I was always using Uber. How long you do you walk a day?

    • Hey Riaz! Thanks for your testimony and advice. I pray good health and success for you and your family bro. Interesting to mention the family dynamic and walking. My son and I just got finished with a nice little walk. Shorter than it is normally for me because it is late and my son likes the short ones. ha ha!

      But usually I go for a walk that is at least an hour. But the time is not the main interest. But the distance. Which I need to get one of those cool apps to tell me how far I am walking. Wow you are really helping me with that question! 

      Because I do understand that the time duration is important. But also the distance plays apart. I feel much better as well! 

      Right now I go for a walk once a day. 

      But my goal is to start going twice a day. About an hour for each walk. That is when I do not get to the gym. Which is the preferred method. 

  3. Thank you for highlighting your journey you are an inspiration to many that will read this. The society we live in today is so stressful. Couple that with the fact that fast food and processed junk are so readily available and cheaper in most cases than healthy eating,it is a storm waiting to happen. 

    • Hello Cathy! Thank you so much. I hope to help people to not go through what I have been through. But also to help those who would like change their lives as I am! 

      Yes those bad foods are in our face everyday. Through the media and as we drive by to go home! We can overcome it!!!

      We will! I am!!! 

  4. Wow, that’s a nice gym!

    I decided last week to start going to the gym. I work mostly on my laptop and I don’t exercise almost at all. I need to lose about 20-30 pounds to be in a good condition, so fingers crossed I’ll make it. Tomorrow will be my first day. 

    Thank you so much for this. It’s so inspiring!

    • Hello sister Kate! I am about to work out right now. Thank you for your inspiration as well. That inspiration is very important. I pray you much success in your journey. 

      Go get it sister! You got it

  5. Hi Cedric!  I just cannot agree with your article more.  Also, as a woman, I believe that what is good for the goose is as good for the gander.  Yes, men can be toxic but it IS equally true of women and you should not be afraid to say so!

    I find that sometimes with exercise people think that a gym membership and hours of time are necessary.  Whenever I mention fitness to an overweight friend of mine she always talks about going to a gym.  She doesn’t need to!  Your walking regime is a well balanced approach and would fit into almost anybody’s life style.

    You mentioned stomach staples.  I DO hope you didn’t go down that road as it is quite hard on the body and by the look of your picture you are no where near the need of it.

    Keep up the good work!  Keep those negative influences OUT of your life and keep being you!

    • Hello Feochadan!!! Thank you so much for your support. That means a lot. You bring great points. We do not have to go to a gym. There are many other things that we can do. Like Kate mention their are some super apps that we can use as well. 

      I am against the Stomach Staples as well. But I also think that some people are in such desperate situations that I would not speak against it for them. 

      Hard work, Smart work, and Natural ways are always the best! 

  6. I wish you well on your super healthy journey, and it sounds like you are on your way to a better place when it comes to achieving better wellness and a healthy state in many regards. The mind is as important as the physical piece of wellness, and you are working on both, a good thing.

    It really is a journey too, there are no instant fixes or a pill that will get you to the point where you want to be. If you can get a strong support group around you, work hard at addressing all the things you know can be improved, you have a really good chance at building up a lifestyle that you have dreamed of.

    Over the years, I have tried to maintain a semblance of health and fitness even when it was not convenient nor did it come naturally. I wish I was one of those blessed people that can stay fit with little effort, but I am not sure if these people really exist. It takes planning, work, support, and time for most of us.

    I wish you well with your journey, and please share with us all the moments, good or bad, as you progress. Give it the time and attention it sounds like you want to give, and there is no doubt in my mind that you will achieve your goals and likely more than you thought possible! 

    • Hello Dave! Wow those are some wise, powerful, and kind words. You are so correct. I can do it. We can do it! It takes planning and determination. A nice support group is nice! But no matter what we have to get er done! 🙂 

      Many blessings to you and yours! 

  7. Cedric thank you for your rawness and your realness!  It is not easy to admit that life stresses and experiences, play a big part on our health.  I have been through experiences that have made me have health issues I never had before and put on weight that I would never had imagined I would have put on.  All my life up until about 40, I was always careful about not eating too much and about what I ate and always exercising.  Then in the last nine years when both my parents went to out Heavenly Father it was a tough blow on me and I did not handle it the way I should have,  I started smoking and eating and not caring about what I ate and luckily I found someone who encouraged me to change that.  I stopped smoking 4 years ago, and I  am eating better. I am still not at the weight I would like to be, but not as heavy as I was 4 years ago.  I am now interested in healthy supplements and why I bookmarked your site (because I want to see your journey) and the TLC site, to check out their tea and Pro Z products.

    Again thank you for sharing this article and being real,


    • Awww Robert God Bless you brother! I am sorry for the loss of your dear parents. I am so glad that you have overcome the grief to the extent that you do. Having good friends and loved ones who can make that impact on your life is super! 

      Glad you have an Angel who came to encourage you when you needed it! Thanks for the bookmark. I am having so much fun in this journey. 

      At the same time , as you know there are good days and bad days. Yesterday was an ok day. But it had some tough parts that I had to overcome! I rebounded and finished strong! 

      The TLC products you speak of are such a super help! To read more about my Iaso Tea journey you can read that here with pictures and all.

      This is my first day ‘s journal! So much fun to write about!

      And lastly , I love the TLC Pro Z sleeping packs. But the GNC Pro sleeps that I tried after I ran out of the TLC Pro z may be even better for less of a price!

      They get me to sleep faster and I think I even sleep through better. 

      Glad to hear of your Bounce back bro! Many blessings to you and your family!! Thank you for your encouragement 

  8. I salute you on your journey to a better health. I know it’s hard but you can do it! Taking care of our health is our responsibility to ourselves. I don’t hit the gym everyday but I see to it that I make at least 30 mins of cardio. Exercise releases endorphins that makes us happy. Through workout, I feel great that one of my daily goals is fulfilled. Sometimes,my daughter and I go biking after school. It’s a great time to bond together with my child. At the school where I work my faculty is at the 4th floor but I don’t use the elevator. I take the stairs because this simple practice is good for the heart and it saves electrical energy too. 

    I also make sure to prepare meals with lots of greens. Thank God, my kids are not picky eaters when it comes to veggies. We stay away from carbonated drinks and I don’t have to worry about the consistency of this practice because the school cafeteria is not selling sodas. We just need faith and discipline among ourselves to continue these healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your inspirational journey, just keep on going! 

    • Hmmm cmon sister! MissusB you have giving some great heartfelt advice!!! We have too… I have to take care of myself. Amen! Making time to work out is really big and spending some of that time with our children is huge! 

      Guess what? My son just got a scooter and we were supposed to go out on a Bike scooter ride. I thought about that last night. So we are going today!!! That means so much. Thank you. 

      Meals: Lots of greens!!! That is so awesome! You give me a great boost with your suggestions. 

      My pleasure for sharing. Continued blessings to you and your family!!! 

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