My Health, Diet, Supplement, Blunders and Exercise Journal 7-10-2019

My Health, Diet, Supplement, Blunders and Exercise Journal 7-10-2019

Hello and how are you today!

Today I had a pretty good Health and Wellness day!

My Food Hero of the Day!!! SARGENTO SARGENTO!!! For he ‘s a jolly good Snackk For he ‘s a jolly good Snacckkk!!!  

Sargento Balanced Breaks Healthy Snacks


I ate pretty well. Starting out my day with 2 Sargento Balanced Breaks and some Green tea. The Sargento Balanced Breaks are a great start to my day because they are very Low Glycemic. Meaning they are not going to push your Cholesterol and Blood Sugar level up .

To start the day with good and healthy foods is a super win for us who are trying to Lose Weight and be Healthier!

I had some coffee a little later after I woke up today.

Then I went to some Nuwave Pressure Cooked chicken and rice from last night. It was good!

I grabbed some of my sons Takis for a small snack. They were good. He got on me later for doing so. 🙂

He did allow me to have two Starbursts . How nice of him.

I then had a little Lite New England Clam Chowder from Progressive. Lite!!!

Chicken Alfredo Meal

Plus a frozen dinner meal from the grocery store. Chicken Alfredo I believe it was. Not the best choice but it will do!

I went on a walk. Came back and had a little more Clam Chowder and Chicken Alfredo.

Notes: I noticed that I did not eat that much today. I think having my Fiber at an earlier time than I usually do is the reason why.

Along with piling the protein on. The Sargento Balanced Breaks and the Chicken probably did the trick.

What I can Do Better

Lipton Green Tea Sale at Family Fare!

I did not drink enough water today. I should have drunk more water. Especially because I do supplement a lot. The good thing is that I did not feel dehydrated. I felt great all day.

I should be drinking at least Two Liters of water a day in my estimation. After I came in from my walk I did drink a lot more water to close the night out.

I did have a little too much Lipton Green Tea today as well. Maybe 1.5 Bottles. They have 27 grams of sugar per Bottle. So that is a lot of extra sugar.

I also had a little Sunny D. Both are really good with the Sugar. But it is not water. So if it is not water. Then I need to watch the intake!

What I Did Good

I did not eat a bunch of fast food today which is great! I did not have any bad sweets today either. I walked for about 2.5 miles!

I did not want to write this journal up because it was so late. But I said I HAVE TO. Because I owe it to myself and you all out there who are reading it.

I think it is great to keep each other accountable and Conscious of what we are doing EVERY SINGLE DAY

So I will be getting my Daily Journals done earlier in the day from now on.

Supplements For today:

Natures Made Vitamin C

Iaso Tea

Isotonix Calcium Plus

GNC Colon Pure Fiber

I will start weighing in. I find that to not be as important as just changing your lifestyle. You feel better and start looking better. Then weight yourself and say hey, I lost weight! So daily check ins will not be a big thing for me.

Well thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow!

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