Iaso Tea Special Offer: One free packet with Purchase




  • Slim Your Waist
  • Detox your Body
  • Lose Weight

Iaso Weight Loss Tea 

Cost: $49.99 for 5 packets 

Iaso Tea Special Offer: One free packet with Purchase

If you love the results and health benefits of Iaso Tea than I invite you to try my Iaso Tea special offer. Get one free packet of Iaso Tea about ( One week in Iaso Detox Tea ) when you purchase One order of Iaso Detox Tea online. This offer is good for Online purchases only. One week of Iaso Detox Tea is worth $11

This special offer of our weight loss tea is an awesome way for you to continue your health and wellness journey or try Iaso Weight Loss Tea for the first time!

Find out how Iaso Detox Tea works in this short video on my information page https://gotlcdiet.com/fun5dayweightloss 


My Iaso Tea Special Offer

My Iaso Tea Special Offer

Iaso Weight Loss Tea Takes Time

One great reason for me adding one more packet of Iaso Detox Tea is that this product is a product that is best taken for the long term. You may or may not get quick and great weight loss results like some of us have. I lost 5 pds in 5 days as many advertise.

My friend Gary did not lose any weight in the first 6 weeks of using the product but then lost 3 waist sizes and over 15 pds. Just by drinking the tea with no lifestyle changes. Even though, he is an avid bicycle rider he never lost that much weight before using Iaso Tea. But it took him time to allow Iaso Tea to work with his body.

I too lost weight and inches off my waist over time like thousands of other people! It works. I believe this so much I am putting my money where my mouth is. Giving away my product as an incentive for you to repurchase or try Iaso Tea for the first time.



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