Herbalife Weight Loss Shakes: Formula One Cookies and Cream

Herbalife Weight Loss Shakes: Formula One Cookies and Cream


Herbalife is not just Products but an Experience 

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My Testimony about How Herbalife Shakes helped to Change my Life


What are you putting into your body everyday? That is the question we all have to ask ourselves. Our bodies are like a fined tuned engine. A beautiful piece of equipment no doubt. But if we put the wrong stuff into our bodies everyday it will not look or feel good.

This is where Herbalife Weight Loss Shakes come into play. It is a most nutritious and greatly delicious way to start your day putting the right Formula 😉 into your engines. Herbalife Formula One Cookies and Cream flavor is my favorite of them all so far.

But everyone has different taste buds and likes. So the good thing is that Herbalife has many different flavors for you to choose from.

These products have changed my eating habits and that changes my life!!!


Herbalife Formula One Cookies and Cream Meal Replacement Shakes are packed with Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Fiber, Carbs and Protein. Giving your body all the good stuff that it needs to have a great day full of energy and good health.

Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shakes are a well balance POWER PUNCH at bad diets, bad habits, and overall bad health. Because the ingredients that it is made of are highly researched and put together to make the perfect shake.

As a person who loves Health and Nutrition products I can tell you this is the best I have ever tried in that it knocks out my hunger giving me more control over what I eat. Not and easy feat for me. So the great and healthy ingredients have to be the difference.

Here are some of the main ingredients in the Formula One Cookies N Cream Shake

Herbalife Formula 1 Cookies N Cream Nutrition Facts
Herbalife Formula 1 Cookies N Cream Nutrition Facts
  • IRON
  • ZINC

I do not want to bore you with all the ingredients. There are a few more to mention. You can go to our website to view all of the ingredients and more great information that will help you see how great our products are.

Another great feature of this Herbalife Meal Replacement is that it contains only 5 grams of sugar. Most of the other Meal Replacement from Herbalife contain 9 grams of sugar. Not terrible. But it is more sugar.

We are talking about a full meal replacement that is very healthy. So I do not mind a little sugar. Even as a person overcoming pre-diabetes it is ok. You will never get away from sugar. But we must keep it under 34 grams a day for men and 25 grams a day for women.

These shakes will help you do so!!!! Later I will go into what some of these ingredients to to help you be full and healthy. So that you will not want to eat bad things as much as you use too.


One of the best things that Herbalife Formula 1 does for me and for many people is to cutting the appetite for bad foods. It has taken me awhile to get used to having more control over my appetite and to take full advantage of it by completely changing my diet.

Old habits are at times hard to fall. But I am conquering my bad diet problems and I am losing weight and feeling much better. I have more energy to play with my 5 year old son who loves to ride on daddy’s shoulders and to wrestle as much as possible whether 9 in the morning or 9 pm at night . Bed time??? No wrestle with daddy time.

I used to feel so bad and I would not really give him a go. But now I tell you I give him a run for his money. And we wrestle for a long time.

Here are a list of the great things that you will see with Herbalife Meal Replacements at least Twice a Day:

  • More Energy
  • Better Eating Habits
  • More Protein
  • More Fiber
  • More and Better Bowel Movements but Nothing Crazy
  • Better Appetite control
  • Hit your Daily Vitamin Intake
  • Clean Natural Supplementation


One subject that I will be breaking down here at Super Healthy USA is the power of one meal. How we are so used to eating that we forget the significance of every meal. How important the ingredients are in our meals and what they do for our bodies and our lives. Understanding how important one meal is a huge things.

Because One meal is the foundation of your whole diet life. One meal will turn into two meals and three meals will turn into 100. If your diet is not good for one meal and it multiplies. Now you have a bad habit. So what if you could start replacing your high calorie , high fat, high cholesterol ,high glycemic meals, and bad processed snacks with a meal that is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and the most natural ingredients.

This would lower your risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke and other behavior related diseases.

That is the power of Herbalife Meal Replacements!!! They have for me and millions of other people across the world changed the way they eat. ONE MEAL at at time. Creating a great habit, creating better health, and contributing to short and long term weight loss.

That is the hardest component to most people’s diets. Having control and lowering the calorie count and bad ingredients of one meal. Now build on that!!! This is how I do that.

Herbalife meal plan
Herbalife meal plan

Now that you have a great foundation for your daily dietary intake and you are TOTALLY changing the way that you eat food, see food, and use food. Now that you are gaining confidence and losing or maintaining weight whatever your goals are.

Now you have your bad eating habits on the ropes. Now put your dukes up lol. Jab Jab … Now it is time for the knockout. Knock out those bad eating habits that have challenged you and your whole family for generations.

Create a new healthy legacy for yourself and your family. You are in control of your eating habits. You are smarter, stronger , and you still love food! Now all you need to do is add some good high class ingredient foods to replace the low class deadbeat ingredients that have been parading around as food for our Superior and great minds and bodies!!!!

No more passing down junk. Add some great tasting salads, fruits, vegetables , nuts, and plenty of water. Herbalife has meal plans and ideas for you as well to help you with this .

My Herbalife Team will help you as well. We can fit you right into our team system that we have developed over the years. So we have you covered if you would like some help. Having a buddy and not a nanny is always a good thing I think.

But if you are a self starter. That is my advice go ahead and fill in your diet holes with great food choices. KNOCKOUT!!!! You are a Super Healthy USA champion. Now you can help others do the same.


Fitness and Exercise Program
Fitness and Exercise Program

With diet alone you can lose or maintain your weight. This is the foundation that we cannot ignore for great long term health and wellness. But when we add 30 minutes of moderate to heavy exercise a day. Consulting your Dr. if you have any concerns on what you can or cannot do. This 30 minutes a day will go a long way.

If you really have a lot of weight to lose or really high goals for your health and wellness. Push that 30 minutes of to 60 minutes a day and you are a Platinum Winner. You will totally knock out any behaviors that contribute to early death and other health problems.


If you would like some help with these areas we are happy to coach you on this as well. 

If you live in the Wyoming and Grand Rapids area I will be meeting with people to help them personally and in groups to stay active and eat better. If you are not in our areas we can still help you on a personal basis. I will also be creating an app and doing online training!

 More coming soon!

Better Diet, Better Fitness, Great information. 

Super Healthy USA and Herbalife. More than just Great Products but a Great Experience that changes your life.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. Thank you ! 

14 thoughts on “Herbalife Weight Loss Shakes: Formula One Cookies and Cream”

  1. I was sold at the cookies and cream’s flavor. Usually no shake, either in vanilla or chocolate, I’m a fan of neither of those flavors. I’ve heard a lot about Herbalife weight loss. Knowing that there are so many different vitamins and minerals in the shake gives me the oomph to order it right now. Thanks for a great review

    • Hello Jagi!!! I tell you I loveeee all the nutrition in such a greeattt shake. I am in hog heaven. What is even more is that I tried the Wild berry kind and it was pretty bad in my opinion. So I have tried 4 of the different flavors that Herbalife carries. They carry about 12 I think.

      3 were great and 1 were pretty bad in my opinion. lol. I will continue to report.

      The way I made the Wild Berry better was to put some of the Herbalife Fiber Supplement in it. It straightened it right up. The Fiber supplement taste so good that it is perfect!!! So I need to re order some of the Fiber supplement… No biggie.


  2. Healthy lifestyle is something that people are paying more attention to. Our society cannot ignore problems that processed food industry has created. Obesity levels are through the roof in North America. But we can’t blame anybody but ourselves.
    You are absolutely right that we need to think what put into our body everyday.
    My older son was overweight and one day he decided to change his life. He started searching for good choices regarding healthy food. His first choice was Herbalife Weight Loss Shakes and exercises. After one month time there was a huge change in him. And the rest is history 🙂
    The real benefit of a healthy meal replacement is that it cuts down your appetite and save you tons of time on preparing regular meals.
    Very informative post. Thanks.

    • Hi Vitaliy!!! Wow what a great testimony that your son has of changing his life with Herbalife Meal replacements and exercise. That is super great to hear.

      It is great to take control of your life when it is going in the wrong direction. Food is a strong habit and we love to eat!!! It can be also very deceptive… sometimes we think we are eating well and we are not.

      So education, research , Health and Nutrition Experts and Great Health and Nutrition Companies like Herbalife can help us to get in the right place.

      Thanks again for sharing this with us.

  3. I didn’t know Herbalife was still around… I tried their products years ago and was satisfied, but don’t even remember what the ingredients were. Can you tell me how much sugar is in the cookies and cream variety please? Sugar was not so much on my radar years ago, but i cannot tolerate it now. Thanks for your post.

    • Hello Jackie!!! That is super to hear. I heard of Herbalife yearsss ago in like 2002. I never tried it until this year. I am so glad that I did. These meal replacements are the best I ever had and they are helping me to totally changed my eating habits.

      Not an easy task. I have my good and bad days. But I am getting down like never before. The Products are synergistic in helping one to change their eating habits. And we also offer coaching for those who need help, advice, tips.

      I am great to help others because I have been there in many ways.

      The Cookies and Cream has only 5 grams of Sugar. SURPRISINGLY!!! The rest of the Meal Replacements have 9 grams of sugar like clock work from what I can tell.

      I hate to see things that say that they are nutritious and then you see a whole bunch of sugar. Yes I agree it is not a good thing.

      But sugar is in an otherwise healthy meal is ok. As long as you are not putting a bunch of sugar in other places like snacks, drinks, and sweets.

      Women are allowed about 24 grams of Sugar a day and men about 34 grams a day. Of course I personally shoot for lower than that. But it is a place to start and understand.

      So a meal replacement that you are taking once or twice a day would only give you 5-18 grams of sugar which is not a bad move in my opinion.

  4. Hi there,
    I am impressed with this product and I also like the benefits that come with this as well.
    As a meal replacement, it will be so beneficial for those wishing to lose weight and feel healthy at the same time.
    The fact that this company has endured for so long is still offering such great products, has to count for something.
    Well done and best wishes
    Cheers…Phil Browne

    • Hello sir and thank you so much!!! Funny I am having my first shake of the day while reading your comment lolll. I have tried 4 different Herbalife Meal Replacement flavors so far. This is by far the one I like the least. Wild Berry.

      But it is not terrible now that I know how to make it better. But I did it for my health!!!

      The other 3 were super good!!! I will do a post on them too. So people know which ones might taste better and which ones might not.

  5. Wow, cookies and cream favor sounds yummy. While I have seen herbalife bumper sticker, I never knew what the company was all about. As I age, the weight has been adding up, I need to do something because my old ways aren’t cutting it. Started exercise routine recently, next step is improving my diet. Thank you for sharing your post on this health shake.

    • Super Jennifer!!! I tell you I love living a healthy lifestyle. People like me have a lot of catching up to do in the health and weight category. I am so thankful that I tried Herbalife.

      I am new to Herbalife myself. Glad I tried it their products have made a profound difference in my health and weigth

  6. This stuff looks really good. I like to use meal replacements with my work outs. Write now I am using Shakeology, have been for a couple years but wonder what else is out there, how do you think this one compares? I have been very curious about herbalife shakes and this article really helped me out. I appreciate it… Thanks so much.

    • Well hello Jen! I am glad to be of help that feels great. Thank you as well I have to check out Shakeology. I have heard of it but never tried those before. I have to look into those. So I cannot compare the two.

      However I can say for a meal replacement the Herbalife Shakes are the best I have ever tried!!! To be more specific they have helped me better in actually replacing meals, feeling good, not having a bunch of sugar and super ingredients.

      The taste also a huge factor because I love waking up and eating them and cannot wait until my last meal to have one . If I get super hungry in between I will use another serving to keep me away from any bad foods . I love it!!!

  7. I might be interested in herbal life meal replacement shakes if they are gluten-free and dairy free?

    I am on a very strict diet and I am not able to have either of these, I could not find anywhere if they were gluten and dairy free?

    I use almond milk and wondering if that would mix well with this nutritional shake product?

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