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Some things you never forget.Where you were when something happened.To some it was President Kennedy being assassinated.Some it was Martin Luther King.For some it was President Reagan being shot.For some of my generation it was the space shuttle Challenger tragedy.I remember it like it was yesterday.For a younger generation it was 9/11 and maybe yes I believe that is for us all.But one of those memories that will always stick in my head I will never forget it is where I was,what I was doing,and how I felt when I got a call from a nurse saying you are pre-diabetic and your cholesterol levels are too high.

                                              Family History Diabetes: Meet bad habits

    To some this maybe trivial.Not huge in the whole scheme of things.I would greatly disagree.But we all have our points of view.But to a young man in August of 2006 at the tender age of 29 🙂 it was very tough.You see I am African American.I only mention it because of the gene pool.My grandmother had her legs amputated because of Sugar Diabetes. I was 29 years old when I found out I was in danger of getting Diabetes.A lot of eating out,sitting at a desk at work,and lack of exercise for 5 years after I got out of the military finally took its toll. Oh and the sodas. I lovvved the sodas.I hated salads,rarely ate fruit, and water was what you used to make iced tea. Not to drink to everyday. I had no idea I was setting myself up for a tough road to climb. 

                                                                          My health in Jeopardy?

    Well when you get such devastating news at such a young age and think down the line what it could mean you get really scared.I hung up the phone with the nurse.I got in my car and I went down the road to the beach.It is the place I used to go to clear my mind.I walked along the beach.Call a friend of mine and she so graciously took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me and have lunch.We talked about everything.I felt better.I knew that I had a life long struggle to regain my health and it began right then.

                                                                                           Reboot My health

      I then looked to move from this rough patch into paradise.Take action not sit back and die slowly.I am very glad to say in the course of 4 months I lost 30lbs!!! With some smart supplementation,some regular exercise,and smart eating I made a change.I got both my blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels to a safe place.They usually come in twos the health problems that is.Blood pressure and cholesterol or blood sugar mixed in.Because they all usually are caused by the same triggers. Bad problem but good problem.The same solutions will help us to fight them.Namely Super Anti-oxidants helped me greatly.

                                                                                         My Reason to live!

My reason to beat diabetes and live!

    Well its been 6 years , I got married 3 years ago had my first son Zachariah (shouts out to you!!!) two years ago in January and I have gained all the weight back and 20lbs more as of May of this year.(250 lbs 50 lbs overweight) In July I started loosing again.lost 10 pds and now going for the throat!!!! I have about 40lbs to lose to be in a good place.

                                                                              Extends Snacks are good! And Good for you

    That is the road I have been down.This is a nice weapon in the fight for my life. On my ways to paradise.I encourage you all out there to try this product.I know of nothing better in my years in this fight to help cut out sugary sweets and drinks.Even the fake sugar products can be bad for us. I know in a tangible way that Extends nutrition snacks have helped me to stop blood sugar pain in my feet in 2 minutes.A lady I know gave me some about 3 years ago.She said try this its good for you.I tasted it and I was like ,”WOW this is good for you,can ‘t be???Since then when I have had the money I have purchased it. Now I  plan to find money in my food budget for it because we have to invest in our health or we will lose it.

                                                                                    Extend Snacks Lower Blood Sugar and more!

    These are the benefits I love.I feel better! I have Energy to do whatever I need to do.It helps me to cut out sweets.The cookies and bars are excellent even my toddler son likes them.The chips are great snacks and they taste great.The shakes are very timely on the run as are all the products.The whole family will save money and be healthier with these products while not compromising taste.Tonight after dinner I wanted something sweet.So I reached for a peanut butter chocolate bar and had it with some coffee.It was great and I no longer want anything sweet.Victory for me!!! Long life with my loved ones namely my son!!!

                                                                   Diabetes must be defeated! 
   Knowing the destructiveness of diabetes I have to share this piece of the health puzzle with others.It is too valuable to keep to myself.Our family members and our friends like my Grandmother God rest her soul have battles with these debilitating diseases and we have to fight them full force.Well here is to your health.God bless you and your family.If you are interested in finding out more about this product please visit the site below.I will be happy to give you suggestions on what I am doing to stay healthy.What I did to lose 30lbs in 4 months in 2006 lowering my blood sugar levels and cholesterol and what I did to lose 15lbs in two months recently!
    Please share your experiences with me and others as we look to be wiser and better.Thank you.Until next time good day!


Control Blood sugar with great tasting shakes, cookies, bars, and chips!

Purchase here. Control Blood sugar with great tasting shakes, cookies, bars, and chips!

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