Current Vitamin and Supplement Sales

Vitamin Supplement Sales

Current Premium Vitamin & Supplement Sales!!!

How this quick Current Sale update page works. We will link to our most recent post of sales so you will be able to find what you need as soon as possible!

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Popular Stores:

GNC has a BOGO going on right now


Current Vitamin and Supplement Sales

This is one of my favorite things that I do with my website. Having the ability to share the super awesome health and wellness products that I use on a daily basis. The vitamins, supplements, shake and the like from various companies. But also being able to give substantial discounts for these products.

So I decided to list all of my current sales that I have going on throughout the website.

Weight Loss Product Sales

I will be sharing with you sales from across the health and Nutrition supplement spectrum. But one of the major areas that I will be covering is the weight loss area. As I am in a current phase of weight loss after some traumatic years and lots of work put me at the heaviest weight that I have ever been in my life.

The great thing is with the help of God and my powerful persistence, knowledge and loved ones. I am better! I have been using Herbalife Nutrition, Total Life Changes and Market America health products to help me get back on top of things!

I feel better I look better and I have lost weight. I know that these products are safe, solid, they work and they are the best of their kind.

Quick Access to Your Favorite Supplement Stores

I love this page because we will give you quick access to your favorite supplement stores and the sales that they have going on at this time. Whether you love GNC, Walgreen’s, Walmart, or Botanical Choice vitamins. We will be listing these products and more.

New Different and Edgy Products

We love the products that are tried and true throughout the years. The companies that are household names are great. But we also look for the products and the companies that might not be my cup of tea but you will love and enjoy.

It is up to you if you like it or not. We bring these products to your attention and give you the best prices to try them out.

12 thoughts on “Current Vitamin and Supplement Sales”

  1. I appreciate you informing us of all the places where you can get high quality and cheap supplements. I think that you can get some good deals on the internet if you take a look around but sometimes it takes some digging. GNC BOGO sale sounds good. What is your favorite vitamin shop to shop at online?

    • Hey Jon 🙂 .  Hmmm my favorite vitamin shop to shop at online is tough. GNC is great. But also I love shopping at Herbalife and Amazon. Herbalife because it has such great products. Amazon because it has older products that I cannot find anywhere else that might not be in regular rotation in the stores. 

  2. Wow, you have some great deals here. I’ll have to come back to your site in the future for more. Do I have to join herbalife to get the great deal? I’ve heard the shakes are really good and very healthy. Maybe I can just do the Buy one get one at GNC. Thank you.

  3. I love the idea of you brining all the best sales to one page. That will be so much more convenient that looking over multiples sites and multiple pages. 

    Will these just be focusing on the weight loss supplements and items that you are currently using or will it include other brands, types?

    I have just started using Herbalife shakes for weight loss and I am anxious to see results. I wish you the best in your work to lose weight, too.

    Best wishes,
    Karin 😁

    • Well Hello Karin! Thank you for the compliment and the encouragement. Best of prayers to you as well in your journey for better health and personal satisfaction! 

      Although Weight loss is apart of my current journey. And I am doing a great job thus far! I have lost about ten pounds and my pants are falling down! 

      The great thing is all of the companies that I have listed also have Vitamins and Supplement products across the scale. For Energy, General Nutrition, Digestive and even sleep aids.

      Here is one of my favorites! An excellent product found at GNC called Colon Pure. I also found it on Amazon for a lower regular price by about $5 

      They are selling it for $17.99 with an option for free shipping for orders over $25. Via Amazon Prime. You can find it here

      And I think your going to love those Herbalife Shakes!!! They have been a huge help for me. 

      • Thank you for the suggestion and great that you are doing so well! I am starting a group weight loss challenge tomorrow and I am anxious to get started!

        I will check out Colon Pure and see what results that might help me with.

        Thank you for your prayers!

        Thank you so much for adding me to your network. I have returned the favor. If I can be of any assistance, feel free to reach out!

        Best wishes,
        Karin ????

  4. Hi, I like the layout of your website. It is very well organized which makes it easy to navigate. I clicked around on the menu, tried out the search feature, read your articles, and looked at your promos. Although I know what paleo is, I was never inclined to read much about it, but the way you described it makes it easy and enjoyable reading. It feels like you’re talking to the reader. The article on paleo also includes a lot of religion, which is fine, but other readers of different or no religion might be inclined to not like that. Then again, this is just my opinion and I could be wrong. But if is important to you, then you should include it. After all, we should write about things we are passionate about and/or what is important to us. And we can’t please everyone now, can we? 😉

    I also like your “about me” page. As I said before, it felt like you were actually talking to me which makes reading more enjoyable. I did notice a few grammar errors, but I’m a teacher, I always pay attention to those things 😉 and I remember Kyle mentioning in one lesson that making a few grammar or spelling errors is ok. 

    Overall, your blog is vibrant, well organized, and easy to navigate. 

    • Hi Christine! Ha ha ha thank you for the compliments and for catching my grammar errors on my About Me Page with your Red naughty marker Miss Teacher. lol. I will be sure to go back and fix those. I wrote that page when I first started my website years ago. 

      As for my faith. I think being in good health can be tough. I have found that my faith has helped me to both understand food and why it is here on Earth and to treat my body better. So I would be wrong if I did not mention an element of Faith in some of my post. 

      Many blessings to you on your journey! 

  5. This is a great one-page stop to get all my needs for vitamins and supplements that I use when they are on sale, so I have to stop in often I think. That is good, as I do shop quite a bit, and savings can be substantial when there are sales of some of these items.

    Once I try a store and find that the products meet my expectations, I tend to stick with them over the long haul. Like you, I do want to see what is new as well, and even though some of the vitamins and supplements may not be for me, it is good to add to your knowledge.

    Thanks for posting all the best sites and the sales that may be going on here and I will return often and most certainly before I order each month all the supplies I get (I generally order for a month at a time, unless there are some sales going on). This is a super idea, and you have one follower right here.

    • Hello Dave thank you! It is a lot of fun gather relationships with the top nutrition companies and passing on the savings to others. Thanks for your business! Many blessings to you and yours. Enjoy


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