Emergen-C Cold and Flu Season

Helping you get Cold Season Ready:

Why use Emergen-C? Vitamin C is one of the strongest Antioxidants and Antioxidants keep us healthy

Emergen-C has 1000 Milligrams of Vitamin C

Best Price to Buy Emergen-C will depend on your buying habits. So here I have made it easy for you and listed the best places online to purchase it.

Rite Aid – $13.99

Amazon – $16.97 with Amazon Prime or Regular price $18.99 Try Amazon Prime Free

Shop.com via Walmart – $16.97 plus 2% Cash Back

The Variables are:

  • Free Shipping Options
  • Shipping Cost if not Free
  • Delivery Speed
  • Club Membership needed for Best Price
  • Store Pick Up Options with No Shipping Price

Emergen-C is not for children under 14

For childrens vitamins go to https://www.shop.com

Hello and I have looked online to find the very best places and prices to buy Emergen-C Fizzy Drink 60 ct immune system products. I know many of us are too busy, too important, and we have too much fun to be sick.

So whatever I can do to stay healthy I am going to do it. #NoSickZone . This product is a potent Vitamin C Supplement.

The top 3 places that I found Emergen-C was Rite Aid, Amazon, and various places on Shop.com

Amazon is always great especially with Amazone Prime where you get deals on shipping and prices.

Shop.com is great because you get to search popular stores for the best price and you get accumulated cash back for shopping.

I have heard about Emergen-C for years but I personally have not tried it. This is a great opportunity for me to try it. It is cold and flu season and I live in Michigan. Not just that but there are many other reasons why you would want to purchase products that help your immune system.

This time of year especially when the weather is changing from cold to really really cold in most places in our nation.

Emergen-C Vitamin C Supplement

Cold, Flu, and Getting Sick Season

I can attest it getting sick time. I have been working very hard and not taking care of myself like I should I admit. So I ordered the Super antioxidant OPC-3 to help me with my immune system. I very very rarely get sick in all my years of taking this product!!!

OPC-3 is 25% stronger than Vitamin C and 50% stronger than Vitamin E as an Antioxidant. So yes it will help keep you healthy.

It will help me from getting sicker and to heal from my sore throat and coughing. I have been using supplements from GNC and from the grocery store. They are good supplements but they are not GREAT!

That is why I am looking for the proven super products like OPC-3 and also Emergen C. Stuff with more potency to keep you healthy during the Cold, Flu, and Getting Sick season.

Looking for other Vitamin C Supplements. Here is my number 1 Reccomendation

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