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Hello my name is Cedric and welcome to Spiral Weight Loss. I was born and raised in Norfolk,Va where I currently reside . I have been living here most of my life . Only leaving in 1996 to join the Army where I served 4 years in the 52 2nd Engineering Battalion  Fort Carson, Colorado . My service in the Armed forces was a long time ago now. I left the military in the year 2000. I was single wet behind the ears and ready for the world.

Like most people I had to learn the hard way about a few things. I learned that cooking is not as easy as mom made it look. I learned when you get out of the military no one was going to make you exercise.  Sorry to say but seven years later in 2007 I found out that I was Pre-diabetic and had High Cholesterol. I learned that diet and exercise was really important. More important than I thought a lot sooner than I thought. I was shocked and afraid when I got the news from my Dr. Unfortunataly my story is not unlike many people in the United States.

I am now a husband, a father, and a man with a dream. I am not ready to give up neither 3. I want to make an impact on the world, my country, my community and my family. But if I do not take care of myself I will not be able to do anything for anyone. So I am have been increasingly learning and applying what I know in order to become a healthier person. Spiral Weight Loss is a lifestyle system that is based on wisdom, love, purpose, knowledge, hard work, and team work. As a Christian I believe that God has called me to use his helping hand to help myself. My purpose is to be a light for others who are in the same situation that I am in . To show others that you can do it. You can overcome this enemy of obesity, sickness, diabetes. Whatever the name of you physical enemy is. With the help of God you can overcome it. God is shining the light on your situation right now.

We are the light and the fire that will spread in our nation to help our families, communities, and nation to come back to life. Join with me to make America healthier. To put smiles on the faces of teenagers who are obese. To bring down the healthcare cost that is burdening down our families and nation. To keep our Mothers, Fathers, and children from leaving Earth too soon from preventable lifestyle disease.

Our Story

I am a 37 year old Army Veteran who has been in many battles in my life. I was diagnosed with Pre-diabetes and high cholesterol at the age of 29. Way to young I am sure that you would agree. Of all the battles in my life some have been easy and some have been hard. But there are certain battles that are tougher than others. The battle for my health has been one of them.

This battle has not been tough because I don ‘t want to be healthy. But I find it has been tough because of lack of education on the topic of proper nutrition. It has been tough because of lack of constant and consistent exercise . It has been tough because I did not have someone helping or pushing me when I needed it. It has been tough because lack of helpful tools to help me get over the hump. It has been tough because of lack of consistent hard work and making hard choices. It has been tough because I have not put myself in a position to be successful and break mental cycles that have been engrained in generations of my family and culture. It has been tough because of I have not made implementing a system of healthy living that will work for me a priority. Just hoping to make healthy decisions and hoping to lose weight without precision calculations . It has been difficult because I have not made getting good sleep a priority.  And lastly it has been hard because of my inability to control my eating and emotions. Self discipline and stress management is a huge area.

So over the past few years I have figured out what has worked for me and what has not. Over the last years I have begun to put things together and has lost 25 pounds and counting. I have begun to consistently implement the building blocks of great health, proper nutrition, and excellent fitness.

This website is my platform to the world to help others like me to save their lives,heal their bodies, and live a great life. A place where people can gather information about health and nutrition. Purchase the best health and nurtion products. Find out about the best technologies that have made healthy living and healthy lifestyles easier and more precise. A place where people just like me and you can share our stories, life tips,and encouragement to go further,do more, work smarter,work harder, drop the pounds , and stay very fit.

  Fun5dayWeightloss is a Weight loss and Economic empowerment tool from God. This is not a weight loss plan or thingy. This is a Ministry of Jesus Christ to help you diagnose , conquer, and accomplish your goals to be in maximum health . To knockout the enemies of your health. Proven results . Proven and Mainstream science. We pull from all over the world from people of faith and otherwise.  But this is a ministry of Jesus Christ to the world and to you personally. Freedom,power, help,community and victory has come to you! 

  All are welcome! This is a positive and inclusive zone with a Christian tone.


My goal is to show people that no matter what you can change your life. All you have to do is use the things around you. Make some changes in life. Have some goals. Have some help. Get some help where needed.

    My site is full of tips, and suggestions, advice, tools encouragement, and facts. You incorporate whatever makes sense to you. 
    My gift is I see how things are built by using foresight. I move to build it. I am not afraid of making mistakes because in making mistakes you learn from mistakes. You grow and can help others. So now I help and teach others how to make it to the next level of their great life!!! Go acheive, Go be more, Go do better, and be blessed on your journey!!!!

Thank you for stopping by. Please make yourself at home and chime in on the conversation. You bring life to the party!

Your friend , Cedric


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